for unseen cavities.jpg

Song for unseen cavities

Filmed on April 21. 2020.

Song for unseen cavities is a part of a series of observational and acoustic studies
titled A study of two dead trees, where I explore the acoustic potential of two trees
felled by rot in the Scheveningen forest.
In this study I sing into the hollow of one of the tree stumps, with a microphone positioned in different
locations to attempt at understanding how sound travels through and around the trees.

In the first video the recorder is placed in the hollow of the second tree stump.
In the second video the recorder is placed in the tree stump I am singing into.
In the third video the recorder is placed in a hole at the base of the same stump.
In the fourth video the recorder is placed at a distance next to the camera.

I am currently working on a comprehensive report/journal on my findings via the platform Research Catalogue, which I have access through via the Exhibition Research Lab IST.