Spiral Walk, Slow Transgression

Filmed on April 21. 2020.

This piece was originally named Spiral piece for contact microphone
as its focus was on the sound of my footsteps in the sand, recorded through
a contact microphone placed in the center of the spiral I was tracing.
However, the contact microphone picked up nothing save a high pitched beeping noise,
likely due to a faulty cable. I renamed it Spiral Walk, Slow Transgression
as during the course of the walk I eventually approached and crossed the fence in the back of the shot.

Original instructions:

Bring a recorder and a contact microphone to the dunes
Plug the contact microphone into the sand
Walk in an outwards spiral, with the contact microphone as center point

https://iverdahl.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-65_spiral walk.jpg