Utility Objects

These three objects were made with specific functions in mind.
They were not made to be presented as art objects on their own,
but to become so through being performed with.
The two instruments were meant to be played by Conservatory musicians, along with other unconventional during the Conservatory spring festival at the Korzo Theatre, through the Soundscape elective.

Left: Warp Harp

The warp harp is an eight-stringed instrument made from oak, pine and elm.
I originally envisioned it as a kinetic sculpture, with only one string occasionally plucked by a motor mechanism. Its form and purpose changed a lot through the process, both prompted by the Soundscape elective wherein it would be played by musicians and from learning more about conventional instrument
building through conversations the workshop tutors.
The instrument has its name from the way its oak base warped and cracked during the process of making it.
It has an introverted, warm sound.

Middle: A mask to play the flute with

This oak mask was carved in a way that would allow the wearer to play the transverse flute. It was made specifically for the performance Wood Wind, performed in October 2019.

Right: Compressed Violin

The compressed violin was made in response to the perceived mistakes made with the Warp Harp. Whereas the process of making the Warp Harp was intuitive and searching, the violin was made after a precisely calculated plan. Both instruments share that they were not designed with the body of the performer in mind.
It has a flat sound, although louder than the Warp Harp.