White pedestal, steel, small motor

Woodpecker is a steel illustration mounted at the base of a white pedestal. The sculpture is moved back and forth, banging against the pedestal, by a motorised arm.

Shown at the group show Mechanic Iron E at Annastate, the Hague.
Organized by Leonie Schneider
Participants in the show:
Yanbing Wu
Ain Nor Halim
Iona Fulton
Joëlle Verhaaren
Lui MacRae Wolstencroft
Maria Atanasiu
Brynja Steinþórsdóttir
Myrthe Gooij
Natsumi Sakai
Obbe Van der Weide
Jeremi Biziuk
Janneke Stofmeel
Iver Uhre Dahl